A Xiao Zine


He longs for a day to come when he will wear the mask and dance — not to conquer demons, but to the tune of that flute amid a sea of flowers.
- Xiao's Friendship Banner Description

Adamantine is a Genshin Impact zine focused on Xiao, an anemo character from Liyue. This zine will include more writing than normal, but artists will also be included; a variety of page illustrations, spot illustrations, stories, and alternate written mediums will be included.

There will be three sections of the Zine;YAKSHA ALATUS
This section will explore Xiao as Alatus, a Yaksha in service to both the God of Blades, and then Morax during the Archon War. It will also include Xiao's interactions with other Yakshas.
This section is focused on Xiao as an adeptus; his bonds with the other adepti, post-Archon War Liyue, and his changing relationship with Rex Lapis.
This section will focus on Xiao growing and changing from the Traveler entering Teyvat and beyond. His exploration of his own happiness, Morax's retirement, and where he sees his future.

Adamantine will also have a ship centric side zine that will include both popular and rare pairings.


What's a zine?
A zine, short for fanzine, is a collaborative fanwork usually centering around a media, character, or in this case, a ship. They usually include page illustrations, stories, and poems, and are sometimes partnered with physical merchandise.
Is this zine non-profit or for-profit?
This zine will be for-profit!
How old do contributors have to be?
We are asking that all contributors be at least 18 when applying.
How many contributors are you accepting?
We will be looking for the following;
3 Poets (main zine only), 35 artists (15 for the ship zine, 20 for the main zine), 13 writers (6 for ship zine, 7 for the main zine), and 5 merch artists.
Can contributors have multiple roles?
Applicants will be able to apply for more than one role. However, they may only be accepted for one to give the maximum amount of contributors the chance to participate.
Will contributors receive compensation?
Should the zine break even, contributors will have the option to receive a digital or physical copy of the zine and buy merch pieces at the production price.
What size will the zine be?
We will be doing an A5 sized zine.
Will this zine allow shipping content?
The main zine will be gen, and the entire focus will be on Xiao! However, we will do a side zine with shipping content.


Interest CheckJun 20 - Jul 20
Contributor AppsJul 27 - Sep 4
Contributor ResultsSeptember 11
Contributor AcceptSeptember 18
PitchesSeptember 22
Check-In #1October 11
Check-In #2November 1
Check-In #3November 22
Final SubmissionDecember 13
PreordersJan 14 - Feb 14
DistributionAug - Sep





Writing Mod
hello, hello! i'm jenn - writer, editor, and everything in between.Writing mod for Divine Pulse, Twilit of Autumn"If you cannot bring yourself to kill — speak my name."Favorite Xiao moment: mentoring ganyu <3

i love xiao... my lil emo bebe 🥹Socmed for COMET, PokeGeist"..I don't know if it's related to you, but recently, the pain from my karmic debt has been less excruciating. It's much easier to bear than before."Favorite Xiao moment: Xiao's birthday letters to traveller


Art Mod
I'm an illustrator who will usually try to put a smile on your face with my workArt mod for Teyvat Kids Zine, Defenders of Teyvat, salvajesfanzine"Many mortals fear lightning... Incomprehensible. Fear of something so common."Favorite Xiao moment: I really liked how Xiao talked about his past and feelings in the Chasm.

Lead, Graphics & Formatting
i'm siri, resident fandom grandma and genshin enthusiast.Formatting for Disabilities of Teyvat, TojiGo; Graphics for Acheron, and more..."I have guarded this place for several hundred years. Only to seek the nameless Yaksha, do I seek your approval."Favorite Xiao moment: Catching the Traveller after the Jade Palace falls ;_;


Finance, Shipping
Hi I'm Cym and I like cats ✨Finance for Les Revenants, Apricity, Bearer of Light and more..."Go. I'll be here."Favorite Xiao moment: the other yakshas drawing on his face 🥺